The poly-aspartic floor coating is an excellent choice for any industrial or commercial setting. Poly-aspartic floor coatings have a longer-lasting effect. Poly-aspartic resins are highly durable, high-performance concrete coatings. Poly-aspartic coating system is designed to shorten the curing times for businesses to open on the next day. Hybrid poly-aspartic coating system is one of the best product on today market. Poly-aspartic rapid curing is impressive, the floor is good for walk on after.


  •   Marine protection for fibreglass, steel, concrete 
  •   UV-stable top coat
  •   Aircraft hangar floors
  •   Low-temperature equipment
  •   Maintenance facilities
  •   Offshore platforms
  •   Industrial shop floors
  •   Secondary Containment
  •   Cooling towers
  •   Bridges
  •   Wastewater treatment applications



  •  Low odour
  •  Excellent UV resistance, non-yellow and high gloss characteristics
  •  Excellent color stability
  •  Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  •  Excellent chemical resistance
  •  Resistance to hot tire pee
  •  Rapid curing times