Decorative vinyl color chips, and flakes are specially formulated paint media used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based chip/flake flooring systems. This unique product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range and custom blended to match any décor. This Decorative floor coating system continues to gain more popularity and people’s attraction.


  •  Restaurant and cafeteria seating areas.
  •  Commercial kitchen and food preparation areas.
  •  Grocery, department and retail stores.
  •  Light to medium duty production areas.
  •  Pharmaceutical laboratories, production rooms and offices.
  •  Hospitals, laboratories and health care facilities.
  •  Museums and galleries.
  •  Commercial lobbies and office areas.
  •  Animal shelters and veterinary clinics.



  •  A seamless surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  •  An impermeable and waterproof surface.
  •  High abrasion and impact resistance.
  •  Good chemical resistance
  •  Canadian Food Inspection Agency acceptance. 
  •  Low odour / low VOC.
  •  A highly customizable aesthetic multi-coloured finish.
  •  Glossy aesthetic finish.
  •  Variable surface texture to produce a range of slip-restraint finishes.